Anonimo sent: hello! your name is really pretty, and your art is cool, and your English isn't bad! :3

Ahhh thank you very much!  o(≧▽≦)o you’re too kind! ❤❤❤

Uh… I must say I’ve never heard about this at all… buuuut I hope I did a good job ^^” 

Thank you for requesting ^^

Anonimo sent: awwe your drawings are sweet! seriously your art is breathtaking. im loving the art request posts XD

Ahh thank you very much! >///< glad you like them, I’m having fun drawing them too! ^3^

Since I already did UlquiHime I’ll go with Yumikuri!! Yay! I actually really wanted to try this pairing at least once, because I truly like their relationship (and as a couple itself). Even if I’m not into yuri, I can say I ship them =3= 

Thanks for requesting this cuties! <3


I will go ahead and finish what I have so far! 

I can’t say it’s a NOTP so it’s fine basically I don’t care about this two o_O 

Hope you like it XD even if it’s more like lick on the leg mmmh I hope it suit them XD

I choose the hand because HANDS yeah it’s my fav part ( ≧Д≦)/ 

Thanks for requesting! =3=

Anonimo sent: Watch Avatar the Last Airbender (greatest show ever). No, seriously, watch it. It's amazing.

Ahh its seems a good show indeed! Maybe I will but for now I’m too busy for everything ç_ç I have soooo many things to read too >.< but thanks for the suggestion!! =3=

I actually never watched this BUT that guy show on my dash pretty often XD I hope I did a good job even if it’s my first time drawing them =3=

Thank you U3U

Ahah I knew someone would request it XD good for me *w* drawing Ulqui’s confused face is always a pleasure <3 

Thanks for requesting OTP °w°

How can I say no to my babies?! Here some fluff (ノ≧▽≦)ノ

 thanks for requesting my beloved ones =3=

also if you look very well we can say we have both number because hickeys yeah that’s works